Freddy Nock wins the ‘Running Wire Man’ Challenge in Wulong, China [Video+Photo Gallery]


Freddy Nock fetches the crown as fastest wire runner of the ‚Running Wire Man‘ Challenge in the Wulong Karst National Geology Park (China).

Wulong Karst National Geology Park in China. At a height of 300 m above the ground, the elite contested for the crown of the fastest wire runner in Wulong. It had been searched the fastest wire runner about a distance of 150 m.

In doing so, two wires with a calibre of 2.6 cm had been stretched in this unique UNESCO world cultural heritage in order to mark a competition distance of 150 m. The Wulong National Parc is known due to the 4. part of the Hollywood film “Transformers”. For this film, numerous scenes had been shot exactly in this Wulong National Park.


Participants of this competition were the three best high wire runners of today: the Chinese Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu, the Italian Maurizio Zavatta and the Suisse Freddy Nock.

The competition had been executed in three runs. In each case, two artists ran simultaneously against the time. First, Freddy Nock and the Chinese Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu. Freddy won really clear against the local hero. In the second run, Aisikaier and Maurizio executed the battle. The final run had been performed by Freddy and Maurizio.


Win with a time of 42.04 seconds.

Freddy Nock won all his runs and had the fastest time with 42.04 sec. Here, all best times in overview:

1. Freddy Nock – 42.04 sec
2. Aisikaier Wubulikaisimu – 52.97 sec
3. Maurizio Zavatta – 75.05 sec

So, the crown of the fastest „Running Wire Man“ trophy and certificate was given to Freddy Nock, who enjoyed and celebrated the win with his son.


Video TV show of the Chinese television

The breath caught in two drastic situations.

The high wire runner kept not only the suspense on the boiling point, two times; the audience on side and the audience before the TV caught the breath. Once, as Freddy slipped during his run against Maurizio before the finishing and as he caught himself hanging with the hands and the feed on the wire – but he had the possibility to fight back in order to end the battle.

And a second time during the battle of Aisikaier and Maurizio, as the Chinese in the middle of the distance stopped because its protection got stuck and prevents the further balance. All of the wire runners had been protected separately with a special wire. Exactly this got stuck in the running system.

Freddy recognized this situation immediately and decided to meet him on the wire in order to rescue him of this invidious situation. For this, Freddy balanced up to the mid of the wire, fixed his protection on the back of Aisikaier in order to lose the defect protection. Then, Freddy run unsecured back on the wire to the target, but he helped his colleague from China to get out of the dangerous situation.

Video TV-Film Rescue situation

Big media interest in China – even in the case of „unknown“artists

Spectacles on the high wire, like this one in China, are also a big media spectacle. Alone 18 TV-stations had been registered for the emission; this battle had been broadcasted live by several TV-stations. This means for China approx. 100 – 200 mio viewers.


During this battle, a small man was getting the secret star of the day. The son of Freddy Nock – Leo Nock, who trained together with his father during the preparations; he executed the balance training and he was part of the presentation ceremony and during the press conference. So it was possible for the Nock offspring to sniff the big stage air. Perhaps, Leo will step into the shoes of his father.

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