Records and Awards

Through his successes the “Swiss of the Year” has gained several championship titles and has been entered repeatedly in the Guinness Book of Records.




7 records in 7 days

1st record:
Highest tight rope run without a balancing pole over the Zugspitze in Germany at an altitude of 3000 meters; distance 995 meter

2nd record:
High wire run with an incline of 52,2 ° at the Feuerkogel in Austria; distance: 2700 meters

3rd record:
Longest high wire run at Diavolezza/Switzerland; distance: 3540 meter, duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes

4th record:
Longest downhill tight rope run at the Piz Corvatsch/Schweiz; distance: 1600 meter

5th and 6th record:
Highest run on a tight rope on the Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, distance: 160 meter, altitude : 3400 meter a.s.l.

7th record:
Longest unsecured high wire run at the Thunersee/Switzerland, distance: 3300 meter (aborted after 2169 meters due to torsion of the plastic rope); duration: 3 hours


Guinness-Rekorde und Weltrekorde

A further unique world records

1st world record for longest walk on a track cable of the aerial tramway in St. Moritz/Switzerland; distance: 734 meters (record entered into the Guinness Book of World Records)

2nd world record for fastest run on a track of the Schwangau Tegelbergbahn (aerial tramway) in Füssen/Germany; distance: 80 meters in 2 minutes and 27 seconds (record entered into the Guinness Book of World Records)

3rd world record during the TV show „Mega Clever“ on Pro7; driving 6 motorcycles in a globe of steel with a diameter of 4,90 meters

4th world record at the RTL Charity Telethon with Joey Kelly for the longest run on a Wheel of Death; duration: 24 hours (record entered into the Guinness Book of World Records)

5th world record for being the first runner to have competed a distance of over 1200 meters on the Säntis cable way in Switzerland; distance: 1222, 7 meters

6th world record for being the fastest high wire runner in Korea, distance 1 kilometer, duration: 10 minutes and 18 seconds

7th world record for the steepest run on a track cable with a balancing pole and an incline of 56% on the Zugspitze in Germany; distance: 995 meter in 50 minutes

8th world record for being the first unsecured 500-meter-runner in Zhangjiajiee/China; duration: 20 minutes

9th world record for the longest run on a high wire across Lake Zürich (Zürich/Switzerland); Length:900 meters, Height: 30 meters

10th world record for the highest downhill run on a high wire on the track cable of the Corvatsch cable railway (3303 above sea level)

11th world record for the longest continuous sitting on a chair on the high ropes with 7 hours and 7 minutes



Auszeichnungen Auszeichnungen2



Lifetime achievement award for „Artistika“

Swiss Award in the category „Show“

Golden Horse and Golden Star for his solo tightrope act at the Circus Festival in Böblingen

Silver Medal for the „7-Man-Pyramide“ Act at the international circus festival in Monte Carlo (in cooperation with the „White Angels“)

Bronze for his solo tightrope act at the „Mondial du Cirque de Demain“ festival